Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (Alimentation, exercices et sports)

Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (Alimentation, exercices et sports)

Learn about Nutrition, Exercise and Sports and understand how nutrition can support exercise and sports performance.

Apprendre sur l’alimentation, les exerccies et le sport et comprendre comment l’alimentation peut aider à la performance sportive



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Prérequis - Condition d'accès

Basis knowledge about nutrition. If you have no basic knowledge about nutrition, we would recommend you to join the MOOC Nutrition and Health: Micronutrients and Malnutrition first. The MOOC Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients and Overnutrition could alsoserve as a valuable preparation.


The key concepts of exercise physiology and sports nutrition science Important nutritional aspects of exercise including energy, carbohydrates & fats, protein metabolism and fluid balance Why certain nutritional strategies can enhance exercise and sports performance The role of micronutrients and supplements in exercise and sports The relationship between Exercise, Nutrition and Health, also during ageing Develop a critical mind-set in the field of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports


Week 1 | Introduction to Sport Nutrition (Science) Key topics: An introduction into Sports, Exercise and Nutrition, including types of Sports, Sport Nutrition Pyramid. An introduction into Sport Nutrition Science - including empirical cycle, study designs, critical issues and performance measurements. Week 2 | Skeletal Muscle, Exercise and Sports Key topics: An introduction into Skeletal muscle anatomy & physiology, including contraction and energy transfer. Exercise capacity: Power & Endurance. Cardiopulmonal system during Exercise Week 3 | Energy and Fluid balance Key topics: Energy requirement, energy availability. Thermoregulation, Fluid balance, (de)hydration & rehydration strategies Week 4 | Macronutrients Key topics: Carbohydrates & fats as energy source, nutritional strategies. Skeletal muscle protein metabolism and dietary protein intake. Week 5 | Micronutrients and ergogenic supplements Key topics: Function of micronutrients and recommendations: Iron, Magnesium, calcium and Vitamins D and B. Ergogenic supplements and sports performance Week 6 | Exercise and Nutrition during ageing Key topics: Skeletal muscle and ageing, Protein & Exercise in older adults, Intervention strategies

Institution / Organisme :
Wageningen university & research

Dates :
Toute la journée,
14/04/2020 - 31/12/2035

Equipe pédagogique

Dr. Marco Mensink Assistant Professor Nutrition, Energy metabolism & Health Wageningen University & Research Rieneke Terink MSc PhD Candidate Exercise stress (markers) Wageningen University & Research Pol Grootswagers MSc PhD Candidate Wageningen University & Research





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